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T- Ball

Developmental Class



T-Bal Developmental Class not available at this time.l




T-Ball Developmental Class not Available this session due to the new T-Ball League above.

The baseball techniques taught in the program to the young athletes will help them to begin their journey into this popular American sport. Our coaches will focus on an introduction to the basic skills of swinging the bat, throwing, catching, and running. Young athletes are coached in a very positive and non-competitive environment that nurtures teamwork and physical fitness. We maintain small class sizes to allow for more instruction and our coaches always maintain a positive and safe atmosphere for the children.


  • Amateurs 4 – 5 years:  Building their enthusiasm for the sport as well as increasing their awareness of teamwork, sport related skills and control are the main focus.

  • Pros 5 – 6 years:  Advanced skills are being taught to further their skill in the sports world.  Using a variety of equipment and games to further their positive sportsmanship and love for the game.

  • Hall Of Fame 7 – 8 years:  Scrimmages, advanced skills, following directions and team play is an important focus.  Competition in a positive, fun, and healthy environment is introduced.


If classes do not have enough athletes we will try to fit our child into another class.