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Thursday Class

  Drop-in 8 weeks
1st child $10 $70
2nd child $8 $55
3rd child $6 $40


  Drop-in 10 weeks
1st child $10 $85
2nd child $8 $70
3rd child $6 $50


Refunds will be issued only if the All-Sport Kids Academy cancels.

(drop-in is available if there is space)



Home School Sports and Games

Tennis class (see below)


Physical Education course – Sports and Games - Ages 6 to 14

Current Sesession March 16th - May 18th (10 weeks)

Thursdays from 10:00 am to 11:00 am

The kids in this progarm are amazing!

New games and variations for the new session!

Week 1 Kickball/Dodgeball
Week 2 Floor Hockey/Pac man Tag
Week 3 Handball/Lava
Week 4 Kickball/Hunger Games
Week 5 Soccer/Grouch Island
Week 6 Whiffle Ball/Open Gym
Week 7 Basketball/Dr.Dodge
Week 8 Tennis/Soccer Hockey
Week 9 Armball/Hunger Games
Vote for Week 10 favorite
Week 10 Your Choice so vote!

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Parents may drop off their children or stay to watch.. Private room available for parents as a study hall. The surrounding area is filled with local fast food, restaurants, and shopping (Chick-fil-a, Target and so much more).

If you would like to schedule a special program for your group, please call 410-923-2100 (x4) for the All-Sport Kids Academy. We can customize a one-time event or multiple events for your group based upon your needs.

Coach B, Belinda, home schooled her children for more than 10 years. She is very excited to reach out to the home school community and is willing to work with children from the age of 2 up thru high school.

Contact our Director, or by phone at 410-923-2100 (x4) to discuss options for your group.

TENNIS for Home School

Our program for young tennis athletes is designed to begin building their footwork, basic strokes, and motor skills. The coaches work with the children to create a positive, safe and fun environment that helps to encourage further development in the sport of tennis. ASKA Certified Coaches maintain a positive and safe environment for children, as well as small class sizes to allow for personalized instruction.

Winter Session 2016-2017

Coach Zed Debebe is an experienced and successful youth and adult tennis professional.

NO Equipment necessary - Just bring a water bottle - Must have at least 6 athletes in each class.